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'Are you from the Midnight Club?' New York cop John 'Stef' Stefanovich was left widowed and wheelchair-bound after local crime boss 'the Grave Dancer' brutally shot him and his wife. Now, Stef's looking at the Grave Dancer's shattered body in a high-end Manhattan brothel. Before his murder, the Grave Dancer was heard speaking of the Midnight Club - a mysterious and secretive group of crime lords who are rumoured to control organised crime around the world. As more criminals turn up dead, the shadowy Midnight Club are believed to be behind the killings. But when men like that are threatened, everyone is in danger...

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Vydavateľstvo: Arrow Books

Rok vydania: 2017

Počet strán: 424

Formát: 130 x 195

ISBN: 978-1-784-75749-6


EAN: 9781784757496

Väzba: mäkká, bez prebalu

Orientačná váha: 305 g

Jazyk: en