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It has been said of Ernest Hemingway that half the writers of the twentieth century have tried to imitate him and the other half have tried not to. A towering figure in the pantheon of American letters, the leading voice of the 'lost generation', winner of the Nobel Prize for literature and a Pulitzer Prize, Hemingway is known around the world for the brilliance of his writing. The Essential Hemmingway is the perfect introduction to his astonishing, wide-ranging body of work. This impressive collection includes the full text of Fiesta, Hemingway's first major novel; long extracts from his three greatest works of fiction, A Farewell to Arms, To Have and Have Not and For Whom the Bell Tolls; twenty-five complete stories; and the breathtaking epilogue to Death in the Afternoon.

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Vydavateľstvo: Vintage

Rok vydania: 2004

Edícia: Vintage Classics

Počet strán: 506

Formát: 125 x 195

ISBN: 978-0-099-46097-8


EAN: 9780099460978

Väzba: mäkká, bez prebalu

Orientačná váha: 376 g

Jazyk: en

Originálny názov: The Essential Hemingway