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The relationship between spectroscopic findings and the physical properties of polymers is explored here for the first time. The tutorial chapters, designed to assist newcomers to the field of polymer spectroscopy, are followed by sections addressing specific polymer problems. Discussion topics include crystalline polymers and copolymers; surfaces and interfaces of polymers; spectroscopic approaches to polymers in solutions, polymer networks spectroscopy, and thermally induced processes in polymers; and polymer analysis and surface modifications. This bridge between molecular-level information and polymer properties will serve as a valuable reference source for industrial laboratories, polymer scientists, chemists, and spectroscopists working in polymer characterization.

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Vydavateľstvo: American Chemical Society

Rok vydania: 1993

Edícia: Advances in Chemistry Series

Zväzok: 236

Počet strán: 832

Formát: 155 x 235

ISBN: 0-8412-2525-7


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