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In developing new products, polymer scientists always have had certain considerations to take into account, such as development costs, raw material supply, public consumerism, and product quality. Recently, however, other societal driving forces have come into play, such as safety, health, and environmental factors; energy conservation; and global competition. The role of polymer characterization is to facilitate product development despite these constraints. Two goals are required: (1) to characterize the molecular architecture and physical properties produced by a particular polymerization method and mechanism, and (2) to characterize the polymer product in order to relate surface and bulk properties and morphologies to application and end-use properties. This book presents descriptions of unique and newer characterization methods. It will be a useful reference for researchers in polymer chemistry and physics, materials science, and analytical chemistry.

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Vydavateľstvo: ACS

Rok vydania: 1990

Edícia: Advances in Chemistry Series

Zväzok: 227

Počet strán: 516

Formát: 160 x 235

ISBN: 0-8412-1651-7


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