Liverpool Songbird
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Liverpool Songbird

Lyn Andrews

Rok vydania: 1996

Vydavateľ: Headline

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Alice O´Connor´s poor family lives in the heart of Liverpool´s toughest slum. Her bullying father drinks away what little he earns, whilst Nelly, her careworn mother, works when she can and begs when she can´t. Since she was five young Alice has also begged in the streets around the docks but she has managed to hold on to the hope of something better, a stubborn optimism that keeps her head held high even in her lowest moments. For Alice knows she has a gift that allows her to rise above the fate that made her life so bitterly hard. Alice O´Connor can sing like an angel... It´s a gift that will take her far though it is to Liverpool she will always return. But is it enough to bring her the success she needs - and the love and happiness she so desperately craves?

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Vydavateľstvo: Headline

Rok vydania: 1996

Počet strán: 378

Formát: 110 x 180

ISBN: 0-7472-5174-6


EAN: 9780747251743

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