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Meet your favourite dinosaurs face to face. Dinosaurs ruled the planet for 160 million years. Which ones used their tail like a club? Who had a brain the size of a ping-pong ball? How many omelettes could you make out of a dinosaur egg? Discover where dinosaurs came from, how they lived, and what happened to them. Packed with curiosity quizzes, 'turn and learn' boxes and bite-sized facts to get your teeth into, there's lots to see and explore. This encyclopedia is perfect for homework or just for fun. Go ahead, take a stomp into the prehistoric world!

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Vydavateľstvo: Dorling Kindersley

Rok vydania: 2007

Počet strán: 126

Formát: 225 x 285

ISBN: 978-14-0531-828-0

EAN: 9781405318280

Väzba: tvrdá, s prebalom

Orientačná váha: 843 g

Jazyk: en